Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tuesday Night Cooking Lessons

Javier said when we were camping, "Nana you are the best cook, I wish you would teach me." So, Tuesday we started lessons. We picked up Javie and Ayva at school.

We also invited Sheala to come over to bake.

First on the menu was meatballs.  We had to hurry because religion classes would begin at 4:15. So after a quick snack they donned aprons and followed my directions for meatballs.

Now little miss Ayva HATES blood. So mixing those meatballs with her hands was a BIG thing. She did it!  Javie had a blast. We formed about 60 meatballs for me to bake while they were at class.

Thankfully their classes are at St. Stephens so we only had a few blocks to go.  While registering the kids Sheala called to say she was at our house.

When Pat and I got back Sheala and I made pumpkin cupcakes.  Then after those were baked we put the meatballs in the oven.  After those were baked I put them in the sauce and ran to the car to go get the kids.

I let the kids play on the playground for 10 minutes. KIDS NEED TO PLAY!  When we got back everyone was there. Caroline, Jessie, Romeo, Tino, and Joanna.  No one had started the water for the pasta. Now to be fair I didn't ask anyone. So we had to wait for water to boil.  I made a salad - adding blueberries and raspberries after Ayva asked for fruit. At the last minute remembering to put the garlic bread in the oven.

SUCCESS.  Everything tasted yummy.  The meatballs were spiced exactly right. The pumpkin cupcakes were moist and soft like pumpkin pie.  The kids and Sheala loved spraying on the whipped cream from a can (much more than if we had learned how to make whipped cream - we'll leave that lesson for another day!)

I will be pinning the recipes each week.  CLICK HERE.

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