Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fidget Quilt

We have a friend with Frontal Lobe Dementia. He has a lot of nervous energy which causes him to ask his wife if it's time to go yet sometimes just after getting there.

The six of us are very good friends and we decided last year to get together once a week for dinner. The guys go for a walk when the weather is okay and then the three women talk. We hope our friendships make life a little easier for them.

Enter Pinterest!

I saw a fidget quilt and was instantly intrigued. After searching I found several examples. I think maybe he will like the quilt. We'll see.

Pat and I went to Goodwill. I found two pillow shams that were brown, maroon and gold. Then we went to Joanne's Fabric where I found ribbons, fabric carrots, a tassle, metal soft sided pyramids on a roll, wooden buttons and a squeeze ball. Then Salvation Army where I found a zipper cosmetic bag and a wrist watch. We stopped At Pat's to buy a watch battery. At home I gathered beads and a couple military buttons from my Grandpa Brandi stash from his tailor shop.

Our friend likes watches sometimes he wears two. I was glad the watch worked with the new battery. He was in the military so I was happy the buttons survived the move. The tassel reminded me of an art and environment project we worked on together. He loved his garden so I was happy to find the carrots which I shaped into a heart because we love our friends.

Recap: The shams seem to be a good size. I opened the seams where I wanted to add an item. Cut open the back of one sham to sew the seams back up. I hid the purse inside the shams and only have the zipper showing. I had to hand sew the two shams together the machine wouldn't go through the edges. I'm not much of a seamstress (I know my Grandpa was a tailor and my Mom was a fabulous sewer) I did use pins to hold the shams together while sewing. I'm glad I did because the silky material was slippery. I used a hair tie for the closure.


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