Thursday, February 16, 2017

Busy Time for Pat

Pat has spent so much time with his parents since Dad broke his clavicle. He goes every day for hours at a time.

Heartland Home Health Care is managing Dad and Mom's health right now. It is a relief to get some help.

We bought a lift chair for Dad. It works like a charm. We were so worried about Pat's sister, Mary lifting him out of his chair. That's a good way to put out your back and knees.

So now they have nurse visits which includes drawing blood so Pat doesn't have to take him out in the cold. Physical therapists to get them both moving because this has been a difficult winter with him in his chair and her in bed for most of the day. An Occupational therapist to give them help for showers and such.

So with Pat gone so much I should be working on my book.......

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