Friday, July 8, 2016


New Beginnings is coming out of the printer as I type this post!  It will be on its way to my sister, Jane, for the final edit.

I had such a writer's block after we moved.  I just couldn't work on the book.  At times I felt I would not publish this book this year.  It would have been the first time not to publish one and it scared me.  But inspiration hit and I worked until it was done.

The trip to Tulsa for my niece's wedding made it possible to work with my first editor, my cousin Mary Lynn.  But with my good luck my sister, Kathy was with us too.  Mary Lynn and Kathy read each of the chapters silently and then they discussed them in the back seat.  They made changes and handed them to me to work on in the front seat.

Then when I got home from Tulsa I worked on it a bit more - I read it through again - made changes on the pages and then typed them in - making changes as I typed.

Then I took it to my best friend, Kay.  She read through the book - then began again and made changes.  There were so many comments on her typed excel sheets (filled with changes) that said, I'm a bit confused here....

So I made all of her changes.  Today I searched on the word 'very' - oh my goodness do I use that word a lot!  So I took out many of them and some of them I put in a synonym for it.

So - Jane - here it comes!

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