Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lessons Learned from Mom

When you make a peanut butter sandwich make sure you spread the peanut butter all the way to each edge. My Dad came home for lunch every day to eat a peanut butter sandwich and she wanted every bite to be delicious.

If you are lucky enough to have a cleaning lady then you better clean for the cleaning lady. She told us often she wasn't paying someone to pick up our clutter.

When you take off a pair of socks, put a safety pin through the top of the toes. Never match socks again. And we each had a metal bar hanging on the inside if our closet door where the clean socks were hung.

Campbell's soup wisdom - tomato soup is served with crackers. Chicken Noodle soup with toast. Pea soup can be sucked up with a large straw. You could use cream of mushroom soup in your tuna casserole on meatless Fridays until Mrs. Slaggert told her to read the ingredients and we found out we were going to hell from eating chicken broth for the last ten years.

If you are making calls to ask people to donate food for the PTA bake sale and your kids are misbehaving you can snap your fingers and glare and they would know they had better stop immediately.

When going out for a fun night with your friends if you tell your kids you are going to a meeting they won't beg to go with you.

Setting the table with care the night before a party. Making lists of what foods you are serving so nothing is forgotten. Using the good china, real napkins, Waterford glasses and candles in beautiful Heisey holders makes your guests feel welcomed, special and appreciated.

You don't have to try on clothes at the store. Just tell your daughters they can take them back and keep the money.

Red lipstick is all the makeup you ever need.

The best one..... God will always provide. If you think you just received a bonus at work because you are great, know that the washing machine is about to break and you actually have the money needed to replace it.

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