Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kindle Countdown - Sale Nov 11 - 16, 2015

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                 My grandson, the inspiration for my character Noah Miller in A Light Shines Forth, is home on leave this week.  To honor his service, and the service of so many others, I have lowered the price of my book throughout this week honoring veterans.

                When I began writing A Light Shines Forth, my grandson explained what called him to serve our country and I knew I had to include it in my book.

"Noah Miller was just finishing his senior year.  He didn't care much about his grades this semester; his eyes were focused on his military ambitions.  It seemed forever since he began planning to go into military service.   He was part of a very patriotic family.  He had been born on an army base.  When he was in first grade the terrible 9/11 tragedy unfolded before his eyes on their television. Noah had grown up watching the disaster over and over again throughout his school years. Every year on the anniversary the newscasters would retell the horror and show the film of the towers collapsing.  Just as the airplanes used as weapons that morning changed direction, that tragedy forever changed the path of his life. Right then, in first grade, he had wanted to help.  He promised himself that he would always take care of those he loved. And now he couldn't wait until June when he would finally graduate from high school.  The week after graduation Noah would begin basic training in the United States Air Force."

                Follow the story as Noah graduates from high school, goes through basic training and on to his assignment in Okinawa.  Feel the pride, worry and love of his family back home. A book to read together or alone, to share with family and friends, the perfect gift for someone you love.  To honor my grandson and all our military personnel, A Light Shines Forth will be on sale November 11 - 16th. 

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