Thursday, June 4, 2015

Practice makes perfect, I hope

The first attempts on left and the last attempts on the right. My first Petit Fours.

I had the chocolate pretty close to the rose color, but the consistency was way too thin. After two fixes by adding more chocolate the consistency was correct and the color was wrong.

Hopefully by Liz and Joe's wedding I will have it figured out.


  • Make chocolate first. It needs to cool.
  • 1 Sarah Lee Pound Cake makes 24 double layer Petit Fours.
  • Slice cake lengthwise and then slice each in half when still frozen. 
  • Cut ends and sides off
  • Cutting shapes make sure to cut out both layers from same spot on both halves so the cakes are about the same size.
  • Add a bit of jam to glue together
  • Use fork and ladle chocolate over then set on wire rack to harden.


I bought these for the Petit Fours and now I am going to buy golf tees and put tags on them "Liz and Joe"

Banana Split Pinterest post
  • Make pink, blue and chocolate
  • Instead of cake mix used Bisquik 
  • instead of vegetable oil used coconut oil. 

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Donna Thede said...

Love your blog. It's sweet seeing life through your eyes.