Monday, May 18, 2015

The kids were so good at church.  That is a good way to start a full day.  After church we went to Subway where I got lots of frowns for letting Tino and Romeo run up and down the aisle.  Romeo was an angel when I told him he had to wait for someone getting a pop to be done.  Then he would run to Grandpa or Grandma Caroline still in line to order food.  

After lunch, which some whom shall remain nameless, did not eat, we went to the park across from Walmart on Bay Road.  It was such a fun afternoon.  

Ayva must wear tennis shoes if she wants to jump high enough to grab that wheel.

Javier tried on Papa's hat.  His mission is to get his hands toughened up in time to go to camp.

Tino loved running down the ramp and pushing Grandma Caroline onto the grass.

So did Romeo.

What a great day.

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