Thursday, May 1, 2014

"THE" Peanut Machine

Yesterday, we took Javier and Ayva to the Castle Museum to the Lego show.  It was amazing.  Hoyt Library, Potter Street Station, Second National Bank and of course the Castel Museum all made out of Legos.

Then the kids made their own structures and they were put on display.  Javier made a emergency snow plow that  firefighters could slide down a mountain on and then climb up a ladder and save someone.  Ayva made a play structure for the Saginaw Children's Museum.  It also could be used for a fashion show.

Then - magic - Mr. Trombley asked if I had seen the peanut machine.  I almost fainted.  I had NEVER seen the peanut machine.  He took us it and it was nothing like I had ever imagined.  There was also a picture of the peanut machine outside of a store. But the picture didn't really show much.  He asked if we had a picture of the store on Potter Street.  I called Mary Lynn and she has one.  She will bring it to him to display with the machine.

Then we trapsed up the iron staircase to the harp.  That was exciting.  

It sure was fun seeing all the history in that building.  We saw trains and arrowheads and bricks and sports memorabilia.  We enjoyed our trip.

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