Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Shopping

Please tell me I'm done!

I hate shopping!  I don't like crowds at all!

I know, I know, with a mother like Elinor I should LOVE shopping.  But I don't!

It really wasn't awful - yesterday we went to Sam's Club, Gordon's and Meijer.  Even though I was only food shopping I thought I would be in for a terrible time.

We started out waiting in line at the Y to go in right after it opened.  Then after 45 minutes there we were pleasantly surprised that no one else seemed to be shopping at Sam's and Gordon's.

However, by the time we got to Meijer we were sorry to be shopping!

Not only were there tons of people in the aisles, but everyone seemed intent on blocking the aisles.  And it seemed as if a few of the people were trying their best to put in in a bad mood by following me no matter how many rows I skipped to avoid them!

Then the lines for checkout!  What a mess.  I hate when a store has you block the main aisle of the store when you are in line.

So anyway, church and then home today.  The ice and snow is a mess out there.  I think Hallmark has a movie marathon today!!!

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