Tuesday, September 3, 2013

International Family

Little did we know, when we were growing up, what an international family we would have. We have White, Black, Chinese, Mexican (listed in order they came into the family) all mixed up in children and grandchildren and great grandchildren - all part of the Shea/Clifford family - and our love for all of them is what defines us as a family. 

How blessed we are to have so many different cultures represented.  We can say we are our own melting pot.  My Mom welcomed all to our family.  She grew up in a biased family - she did not pass that on to us.  It didn't matter where you came from, what you looked like, just how you acted.  If you were a good person - she was happy to have you around.

I think having children makes you think differently.  And the facts that she was widowed young, she didn't agree with her family on many things and she questioned the church's position on some things meant she was a free thinker.  When told she couldn't go to her Goddaughters wedding because she was getting married outside of the Catholic Church, it became a defining moment in her life.

We are blessed.  We are happy.  We are America!

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