Friday, September 13, 2013

Friends with Food

We drove to see our nephew's food truck in Traverse City yesterday.  Poor planning that actually worked out.  I didn't realize they are only open until 3:00 on Thursdays - we got there at 3:10!
Anyway - that meant we caught them preparing for today.  That was fun.  Watching his business partner, Becky, cook was a treat.  She was making the Black Bean, Kale, Corn Taco filling.  It was delicious.  We also tasted the Bacon, Egg, Cheese Taco filling that she cooked while we were there - It also was delicious.  The ingredients they use are from nearby farms.  Organic meat.  Very sustainable. 

The food truck was very cute.  A little fence, flamingos, turquoise and white.  I absolutely love it!
They will be closed at the end of September but will reopen in May in the same spot.  Front Street across from the cupcake store.

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