Saturday, September 21, 2013


We spent most of the day in Absarokee, Montana. We stopped at Ginger's Coffee Corral where Celeste gave us some suggestions for places I want to use in the new series.

We drove to one, Cliff Swallow campsite on the Stillwater River. It was so beautiful. Pat went for a walk while I sat by the river and wrote. I ended up with several paragraphs I really like!
We changed our plans for tomorrow. The Beartooth Pass sounds treacherous so we are taking the Chief Joseph to Yellowstone. It is getting down to 28 tonight and Beartooth Pass may be closed for ice.
Can't wait for Yellowstone National Park!
We are staying in Red Lodge, Montana tonight. This afternoon I watched a young doe walk up to the busy street, look both ways and then she crossed when raffia cleared! She went to the bank sign next to our hotel, looked around and started eating the grass. Then a school bus was too noisy and she ran away. Of course no camera!



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