Monday, January 30, 2012

1861 - 1911 How Ridiculous You Look My Dear

This picture was my Grandma Shea's - then my Mom had it hanging in her bathroom that we wallpapered for her at the Amadore Apartments in Saginaw. Then when she moved to the McArthur Condo it was in her bathroom. Then my sister, Jane took it home after Mom died - mmmmm..... I wonder if it is in her bathroom. For my retirement she scanned it in and put it in a frame and it is in my bathroom now. This is sort of scary that we have a bathroom art tradition!!

Anyway - I finally found it online - on a Russian site I think! The caption reads: 1861-1961 How Ridiculous You Look My Dear

I always wonder which woman has said this!


Mary Andrews said...

I remember that picture. I have a similar one that your mother got from my mother and she gave back to me. Do you think Tom got the idea for bathroom art for Fandangles from her!

mesc said...

I bet he did!

Jane said...

What's that mmmmm about!!!????

mesc said...

I was wondering out loud mmm. . . Is the original in your bathroom, too?