Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hollow Legs

Oh my goodness, Robbie has to have hollow legs! Where does that young man put the food he eats! He came over with Caroline, Jesse, Javier and Ayva before their first ballgame of the year. He ate everything in sight.

Pat didn't get to go play ball. He hurt his back just before coming home from camping with his brother for the weekend. He actually went to the doctor yesterday and the drugs seem to be helping.

We kept Javier and Ayva while they all went to the game. I took them back to Chester Miller - they had so much fun. Then we came back home and played tea party and had cheese and crackers. They are a joy to play with. Lots of please and thank yous and even you're welcomes. They love the animal sounds on my Galaxy Tablet and the Star Wars app that has the characters say their most famous sayings when you tap their pictures.

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