Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First Picnic

We all met at the Saginaw Township playscape, eventually. Joanna says I told her 6:45 not 5:45! But we still had fun. Jesse and Caroline brought Ayva - Javier was with his other Grandma so he couldn't join us. :-(

Sheala brought Nathanial. Robin, Joanna and Robbie,too. We stopped at Subway and brought subs.

It was so windy but we had fun. Ayva had everybody playing with her. She is fearless - one time falling on her butt coming down the slide and she knows how to not do that again. Robbie, Sheala and Nathanial had fun with her after dinner.

I did send a message to Parks and Recreation - the seagulls were pulling everything out of the trash bins - they need to have covers on them.

While Pat and I were waiting for everyone we saw two little girls playing on a roof of one of the structures. When they started dodging water balloons I turned into the park police and made them get down!

We had such a good time - I know they wanted to play ball but the ball fields must have been too wet - this was a fun replacement.

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