Sunday, January 13, 2008

Traverse City Weekend

What a beautiful weekend - we left for Traverse City on Thursday after I got out of work because there was a weather warning in effect and we didn't want to wake up on Friday and not be able to get there. We had a great evening - driving in we saw that La Senorita had Burger Night - now if you don't remember La's Burger Night in Saginaw then you won't understand why we were so happy! So after checking in at the Traverse Victorian Inn - and getting a beautiful room with a jacuzzi and a fireplace at a very reasonable price we went to have dinner and: The Chicago Burger was better than ever!

Then we went to Leelanau Sands Casino in Suttons Bay - the big spenders that we are - we each had $20 to lose - and we did! However, we spent about 2 and a half hours winning and losing - it was fun. However, one night at the casino is enough for us. On the way back it started to snow hard. At one point we had a white out for a few seconds - I didn't like that!

On Thursday morning Bill called us to tell us that they got a lot of snow and we shouldn't try to make it from Saginaw - I told him that I knew that because we were getting ready to go to breakfast and it was beautiful outside. Each branch of every tree was outlined in heavy white snow. After the complimentary breakfast at Mabels across the street from the Inn we went to Bill and Julie's.

Pat and Bill went to work adding a humidifier to their furnace and Julie and I had a chance to catch up. We played all morning with Ethan and Tsipporah. We had so much fun playing games with Ethan and then watching him run around the couch chasing Tsipporah with the toy shopping cart with her laughing and giggling and plopping down on the big pillow that was "safe" - Ethan was a good big brother because he slowed down when he got too close to Tsipporah.

After we left there we went to a couple of thrift shops and a Goodwill. Bought a few dishes. Then to Auntie Pastas for dinner. That was a great place. The music was two guys playing guitars and singing - but not too loud - which made for an interesting situation. The people in the booth behind me were talking about how the City Manager has the same co-pay as the lowest paid employee and how that wasn't fair. After we were done eating I stopped by their booth and asked if he was a city worker - he said yes and I told him I overheard the insurance talk and I told him our unions and the Michigan Municipal League should be working TOGETHER to solve some of the problems we have with our cities being able to afford insurance. He agreed - asked who I was and where I worked and how to get a hold of me. That was fun - City workers UNITE!

On Saturday we stopped at several consignment shops. Bought several spreaders at one and some spoons at another. Then we stopped at our favorite wineries and bought a lot of wine. First at Peninsula Cellars and then Chateau Grand Traverse. We always enjoy talking with the people at the wineries. At Chateau Grand Traverse we always have the same person help us - we have him pick out the different wines each year and then he tells us what to serve with them. That was fun. Then we went out to the Old Mission Tavern and Bella Galleria for lunch.

Then the most exciting news - I have always wanted to stop at the Michigan Artists Gallery in Suttons Bay. I love their website and I couldn't wait to go in to the gallery. It was so fabulous. I wish I had a huge house with unlimited funds - and actually there is such a beautiful tile piece that if I had a huge house I would take out a loan to buy it. All of the artwork is unique with intense color. I started talking with the owner and told her how much I love their website. Then I asked how to get your artwork accepted. I had one hostess set in the car and Pat went out to get it and she loved it. We took it over to the pottery and the lime green beads matched perfectly with the dish she put it on. So we talked a bit about what she wanted and I told her I would bring back more in a month. I cannot tell you how much this means to me - to be accepted at the Michigan Artists Gallery - WOW. Every one needs to stop by there - it is a great place.


Lisa said...

Hi, I am a friend of Jane's and I always enjoy reading your blog.....You remind me of Jane...thrift stores and bargins:)....Keep posting. P.S I live in St.Johns MI and have a blog as well:

Mary Andrews said...

Congratulations on getting into the Gallery in Suttons Bay! Bring lots of stuff next month. That should be a good area for you.

Mary Lynn

jane said...

What a beautiful book! And CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting - you are an artist (yes you are, they said so!).

Love you,

jane said...

BTW - my favorite is "Amy's mom in Paris". Amazing! No fair - you and Mary Lynn used up all the artist genes!!