Sunday, January 27, 2008

This and That

As you can see above in the slideshow - I'M DONE with the beading for Michigan Artists Gallery - Pat and I are going up there next Saturday - YEAH - I have one storage container filled to the brim with brightly colored glass beads and gleaming stainless - so exciting.

I also asked my friend, Jan, to make a few purses to take up there with us. She has fabulous purses - each one a work of art. I told the owner about them and she was interested - so I'll just take a few with me so she can decide if she wants to put them in the gallery.

A poem hung in Mother Teresa's Calcutta orphanage - Anyway:
The title above is a link to my niece's blog - I just love this poem - I need to be able to click and read every single day - go see it.

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jane said...

Girlfriend - you're getting better and better at this every day!! Those are gorgeous!