Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I saw a post on Facebook about a camp at the Saginaw Children's Zoo and the Saginaw Children's Museum. I thought it would be perfect for Ayva. I called Caroline and she thought so too. I told her not to tell Ayva until I had her enrolled because it was just four days until the camp started and I wasn't sure there would be an opening.

I went to the zoo and signed her up. I called Caroline and she said she would call Ayva. That sounded like fun so I asked her to do a 3 way call. Jesse got Ayva on the phone and I excitedly told her about the camp.

She said, "That's okay Nana, I don't really want to go to camp."

I replied, "Okay then, I have to go. I'll get a refund. You talk to Grandma Caroline."

Two minutes later Caroline called to apologize. I told her Ayva was just being truthful. She hates new things. So I suggested after work she could tell Ayva she could try it for the first day and then decide if she wanted to continue.

Ayva called Caroline an hour later because she felt bad. Caroline offered the one day idea.

My phone chimed and Ayva asked if I had already asked for a refund. I told her no. She explained 'Grandma Caroline's idea' and asked if that would be okay.

So when we picked Ayva up to go to camp she looked very nervous. I pretended not to notice and chatted all the way to the zoo.

We took this picture, although I told her Grandma Caroline would be worried if I sent a picture without a smile. So she smiled pretty and then put her worried look back on her face.

We went in and I quickly signed her in and left.

When we picked her up she never stopped talking all the way home. She loved it.

Whew.... It takes a village....

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