Friday, July 7, 2017

Don't get sick of WW posts

I'm trying to get my original recipes posted - so here are a few.

Pat and I both love this. This is 2 servings.

2 - 3 pt sandwich rounds
Foil pkg of tuna in water
2 hard boiled eggs
2 wedges laughing cow cheese
2 TBS of chopped celery and onion
Salt, pepper, dill
2 TBS Walden Farms Honey mustard

Open sandwich rounds and put face up on baking sheet. Spread 1/2 a wedge of cheese on each.

Mix rest of ingredients and spread on each.
Broil until edges are brown.

2 rounds - 6 pts


I saw this on Pinterest. It's beautiful. The dragon fruit is sweet and tasteless, but it gives it beauty and character.

Added watermelon,  blueberries, mango and drizzled with Waden Farms Raspberry Vinaigrette. 0 pts

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