Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Six Meijer Stores

We wanted to get four more chairs for the porch. Two of the chairs we already use and love. They rock, they are a bit higher so I can see over the railing, and they are very comfortable.

We were waiting for them to go on sale so when Pat went to Meijer on Gratiot yesterday he called to say they were 40% off. When he got home he realized he had one that matched, but the other three were not the same, just similar in color and size.

So he went back and returned the three. Then he went to Tittabawassee Road and Midland. No chairs.

Today we went to both Bay City stores - no chairs. Then he struck gold at the store in Mt. Pleasant.

So now when Jim and Jan and Amy and Bill come for dinner we can all be comfortable.

On our way home we stopped at Ace Hardware in Midland. We both love that store. We were looking for things to make another fidget activity for our friend. I found two Melissa and Doug bags with pockets. I took one apart to make one larger one. Today I found some cool stuff. Magnets, pvc small connections, plastic rivets. And while we were in Bay City I went to Goodwill while Pat went to Meijer and I found a small picture frame and some tassels. I'll post a picture when I'm done.

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