Saturday, June 3, 2017

Little Pink Dish

Mary Lynn and I cleaned out Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Bernice's condo more than 20 years ago. One of my treasured pieces I brought home was one pink China dish that was from my Grandma Brandi's good China.

It was a pretty pink dish with little blue flowers. Even though there were a couple chips in it and the flowers were faded, I still loved having Grandma's dish in my kitchen with me.

Over the years I used it for baking. Whenever Sheala and Robbie helped me in the kitchen we would use the little dish to break eggs into it. I would always remind them it was their Great Great Grandma Brandi's dish.

Sheala eventually asked me if she could have the dish when I died. (Don't get freaked out by that - it's a family tradition!) I told her she certainly could have it after I died. 

One day I grabbed the dish just before it fell on the floor. I decided to put it away for Sheala.

A couple weeks ago I asked Sheala if she remembered the dish. Sadly, she did not. Looking back on it now I wish I had not put it away.

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Anonymous said...

I had one of those little pink dishes too and it lasted for many years until one day it broke. I used to tell my kids to that it was from their great great grandma's kitchen.
Love, Mary Lynn