Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Science - it's important

Javie worked many hours on his planet display. Grandma Caroline took him to the store to buy paints and Styrofoam balls. He did research to find out what size each planet should be.

There were hundreds of planet displays, but I knew from their description what to look for.

As we ran to Ayva's classroom to see her snow leopard project we passed one that I thought might be his. Pat said to keep going and we could check after.

Then we got to Ayva's classroom. She was so excited that we came to see her project.  Her Mom was there too.

I asked Ayva three questions and she answered them correctly.  What does adapt mean? What us altitude? What is terrain?

Then she showed me the guinea pigs and fed fresh hay to them. We really enjoyed seeing her in her classroom. She was very at ease and comfortable.

On our way out we stopped at the best planet display. I looked behind it and saw Jav. That's all I could see. But the way he explained how he made Saturn looked great. That's what gave me the idea it was Javier' s.  (Along with the glitter.)

We are so proud of all their hard work. Both of them finished before their projects were due.

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