Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy Blessed Easter

Easter 2017 - St. Dominic's Parish - SS Peter and Paul Site - Saginaw, Michigan

As I contemplate being Amy's sponsor for the last 25 years I am overwhelmed at the gift God gave this resentful servant.

When she asked I barely knew her. When she asked I was Parish Council president, working, a wife and mother. More meetings was not something I wanted. But I said yes.

As the year progressed we started to get to know each other. Our husbands were in choir together and we began to see each other socially. By the Easter Vigil we already knew we would be friends forever. But I didn't have an inkling that a friendship built with our faith directly at the center of it would be such a gift.

We worshipped together for many years, now we attend different parishes. But make no mistake about it, our faith is still right in the center of our friendship.

Tonight we will worship at St. Agnes to be with Amy and Bill as we celebrate 25 years together.

Tomorrow we will go to St. Dominic's at the SS Peter and Paul Site with Caroline and Jesse and the kids.

Wishing you and yours a very Blessed Easter.

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