Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Thank you St. Anthony

I wanted four white platters and four colbalt blue soup bowls. Lately we have had more than eight people for dinner and I figured twelve would be better than eight.

I had purchased eight of each last year at Dollar Daze. I was a bit worried about the soup bowls because I went to three Dollar Daze stores to buy the original eight.

Stopped at Shields store, nothing. Went to Midland store and found the platters. No soup bowls - and actually neither store had colbalt blue anything.

As we were leaving the parking lot we passed the Goodwill. I said we might as well look there.

On the way in I whispered to St. Anthony that I could use some help. Not even ten feet into the store the matching cobalt blue soup bowls were sitting on the shelf.

Thank you St. Anthony.

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