Monday, February 13, 2017

Nice Afternoon - Perfect Timing

A nice day with friends.

                             White Chili

Thanks to Clarence I have these pictures below for you!

Cobb Salad

                          Crunchy Asian Salad

Warm Asparagus Salad

Reese's PB/Potato Chip Bars and
Pecan Pie Bars

We had nine people from my class for lunch. Elinor, Kathleen, Clarence, Joan, Barb and Pat, Bill, John and Mary Beth, and Pat and me.

It was an easy lunch chili and salads. Always nice to sit and talk with such lasting friends.

Pat had to keep leaving the room because after begging the doctor's office to figure out why we didn't have a call from Health Services for 8 days they finally figured out they never requested it. So now everyone wanted to get help for his parents right then.

Thankfully the last few classmates had their coats on when we had to leave to meet the nurse. 

She was very helpful. After a few calls to medical supply stores (she called and handed the phone to Pat) we decided to go to the store on Tittabawassee to purchase a lift chair.  They told us Medicare was available after the doctors office filled out lots of paperwork! Not!

They offered to pay the tax and that actually saved us more than what Medicare would reimburse.

So ten days after he broke his clavicle the chair should be delivered today. Dad has not been able to get out of his chair without someone pulling him up by the waistband. That has been Pat's sister, Mary, for most of the time.

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