Friday, September 23, 2016

Why write?

When I retired in January of 2011, I read a lot of books. We took a vacation to Florida and I found it very relaxing to read during our long days spent in the van.

I had just purchased my first Galaxy Note and it had a Kindle reader on it. Many of the books I read were about Amish families settling small towns. The women in the books had a way of stopping during the day and praying when something was troubling them. Then the more I read it seemed they stopped to pray with a friend when the friend was facing a decision, or when something good happened. As I read those books I thought how seldom I stopped during the day to pray.

Not long after that I was intrigued by an article on the Saginaw Library website about the Webber House. My story just had to be written.

As I started to write I felt a tug at my heart to have strong faith-filled characters. I also wanted them to be like the Amish characters. I wanted them to pray as easily as they breathed. This is not how most of us are taught to pray. As I grew up in learned to say prayers when I awakened, before meals, when I went to bed.

After writing several books I found I was praying more and more each day. It made me realise how much closer I felt to God. It made such a difference in my life.

For that reason alone I knew I had to keep writing. My books are not best sellers. I am not a person to market my books. I like to write not sell.

Sunday while sitting in the pew at church I gave it all to God. I explained that I just want to write and if God wanted to use my books to bring people closer then that would be enough.

Today God answered my prayer. My friend told me that she has wanted to tell me that ever since she started reading my books she finds herself stopping during the day to turn to God in prayer and that it helps her all through the day.

Thank you God for letting me see that my books were already doing what I asked that they would do. Thank you for always being here for me. Thank you for friends. Amen.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This is us

Seriously, this is the best show ever. If the writers can keep writing like the pilot we will be so happy. Tuesdays NBC at 10. Catch up with on demand.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall Weather

I had to put a sweater on to sit on the porch yesterday afternoon! I love when the weather changes. I love it even more when the trees begin to change colors. Fall is in the air.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Working on a fundraiser

Working on this fundraiser. I worked with Traci at the SPD. Her mom was my payroll backup and I depended on her so much. 

The dinner is next week.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Great weekend

We really enjoyed our stay at Huron House. The sunrise was spectacular on Sunday. It looked as if God piped a pile of meringue aCross Lake Huron. It was 20 degrees cooler than Saturday, but still warm enough to drink our coffee on the deck.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


We are enjoying our honeymoon weekend. Not much of a sunrise, but this is the nicest weather we have had. It's cloudy and 74.

We went back for the funerals of Mr. and Mrs. Lentz this morning. It was a beautiful service. Filled with singing, poetry, sonnets, Corinthians, and reminiscing. 

This couple, married 79 years, died within a week of each other. They instilled art, poetry, literature, nature, woodworking, core values and family into their lives.

It was so fitting that we attended their funeral on our honeymoon weekend. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Sometimes it seems forever; sometimes like it was just yesterday. I am the luckiest person ever. We go for our honeymoon weekend tomorrow - today Pat has been too busy to celebrate.

His Dad had to go to the doctor. His sister needed to borrow a tent. Caroline had a flat tire in Midland. He is waiting for her to get out of work so she can waIT for it at the tire place so he can come home. We have plans with friends for dinner. We also have to come back on Saturday for a funeral service.

This is why I married this man. He has a heart of gold.

So glad we will have most of the weekend together.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Just when you think it's done

The funeral for Cindy's Mom was beautiful. So many people had so many good things to say about her.

The parish, St. Louis Catholic Church in Clinton Twp. was a step back in time. I told Fr. Larry, a classmate of Jack Johnson, that I felt as if Bishop Ken was in the building.

We all said the doxology
Beautiful cut glass cups
He memorized the Gospel
The whole Our Father
Great homily
Cross with Elsie's DVD put on wall for honoring their beloved parishioners 
Warm welcome

It felt like home.

Monday, September 5, 2016


Yesterday we had family over for brunch. It started out because Tulsa family Sarah, Paul and Ella were visiting Liz, Joe, Margot and Sylvie in Ann Arbor. We invited them to come visit while they were here.

Then, our sister-in-law lost her Mom this week so there were lots of the Shea family in Michigan. So the guest list swelled.

Even though Kim, Karina, Karalee, Jim and Cindy were exhausted from the funeral and had to travel from Mt. Clemens and go back because the girls had flights to take back to college they came for brunch. They couldn't stay in Saginaw because with anticipated holiday traffic they were worried about missing their flights.

Kelly and Bill were supposed to leave on Sunday from Detroit. They changed their flight to a later time from MBS so they could come.

Bill and Julie both had to preach, but they made it a priority to bring Ethan and Tsipporah to join in.

My sister Kathy had commitments at church, but she raced through them and got here in time to eat!

My immediate family all came early to help. Jesse came in with Romeo and Tino. John came in with Jason and they all jumped in to help. And cleanup was so much easier with help.

Very early help with Pat, Joanna, Sheala, Caroline, Javier and Ayva. There would not have been a brunch without them. Setting up tables and chairs, baking, cooking, stirring, singing, tasting, laughing, crying, and even invoking Mrs. Lepeak to make the stubborn pie crusts come together - it all worked.

Joanna, Caroline and Pat did dishes. That was a blessing.

The day was filled with sunshine - thank goodness because we needed all available space. It was so nice to have everyone here. I love every single one of them and could not feel more blessed. Thank you God for this loving family.