Sunday, August 7, 2016

American Red Cross

When this picture was posted on Facebook this morning memories came flooding into my heart.

My best friend Janet and I spent so many hours working on Red Cross projects. Mrs. Fordney could get us to do anything.

She asked us to go to leadership camp one year. Janet said yes, but did not suffer silently! Her family was camping in Grand Marais, in the beautiful Upper Peninsula in Michigan. She was stuck with me at Camp Pretty Lake hating all the activities meant to make us bond with each other.

We also went to the bus station at 5:00 in the morning, once a week, to see draftees off for basic training. This was a difficult job. Many didn't want to go and we're terrified they would be sent to Vietnam. We were playing patriotic music on a portable record player handing out small flags.

The Red Cross had swimming classes for kids with physical and mental challenges. They needed help one on one with the kids. The beautiful YWCA was built just across the street from our homes and the classes were there. We went there once a week.

We were office volunteers. Answering phones, collating minutes for the board, sending out newsletters. We went to the office which was in the beautiful mansion above once a week.

Once a month we had the high school Red Cross meetings. Students from each high school coordinated fund raising in our schools.

I learned so much. This was way before volunteer hours were needed to graduate. I am still so thankful for my mentor, Mrs. Fordney and my friend, Janet Lepeak.

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