Saturday, July 30, 2016

So Touched

My friend, Kay, is so thoughtful.  She edits my books which is a huge thing to do for a friend. On Friday I texted her husband's phone (she let her daughter use her phone in between jobs.)

She called me right back because her husband, like Pat, has a flip phone. Remember when you had to hit a key three times to get the third letter? No way was she texting on that dinosaur!

Anyway, they were home so we drove over to see them. Right after I looked at her darling blueberry rocks that she had painted she went into the garage and brought one out she had painted for me!

My book that we are working on right now is called 'New Beginnings' and we just moved to our condo in December. In addition we actually do think this new home is a little piece of heaven.

Thank you dear friend.

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