Thursday, June 23, 2016

Avila's Adventure

Such DRAMA!  Avila decided to take off for a couple days.  We all looked for the little poop.  Thankfully she is back in loving arms.  So I decided to write a little book for the kids to illustrate.  I can't wait to have them draw pictures with me.

Here is the first draft of the story.  I need Caroline to read it and make corrections to what really happened.

The Human Story

Once upon a time there was a happy family living in the small town of Carrollton, Michigan. Grandpa and Grandma Caroline had four grandchildren and two dogs.

Javier, Ayva, Romeo and Tino stayed with them three or four nights each week. Boesch and Avila stayed every night. The children loved playing with Boesch and Avila. 

It was the day before the summer solstice and the weather was beautiful. The kids begged to go swimming. Grandma Caroline agreed it was a good day to be in the pool. All day people were going in and out of the little house. 

When everyone went inside for the night Grandpa asked, "Where is Avila?"

They searched inside. No Avila. They searched outside. No Avila.

They got into the car and searched street by street. They saw Avila cross Shattuck, a very busy street. She ran down a dead end street. Then she ran through trees into a business yard. The humans couldn't follow. Everyone went to bed sad.

The next day was the first day of summer. No one in the Martinez home had a smile. Still no Avila. Nana and Papa drove through the neighborhood looking for the little dog. No luck.

When Grandma Caroline came home from work they had to go to Javier's baseball game. After that they went looking for Avila. It was dusk so it was difficult to see.

Suddenly Grandma Caroline and Ayva shouted, "I see Avila!" But it was too dark to see which way the little dog ran and they lost sight of her. They went home sad.

Grandma Caroline and Grandpa posted on Facebook about the lost dog. No one had seen Avila. Grandpa called the dog pound. No Avila. Nana and Papa went over to look again in the morning. No Avila.

Everyone was giving up hope of ever having Avila with them again.

The Dog Story

One day a nice, pretty lady took me to my new home. There was another much bigger dog already living there. There was a handsome man and so many little humans. 

It was a fun house to live in. They call me Avila and they call my brother, Boesch. Sometimes the big TV calls us but I only see humans playing stick ball.

I always have to stay in the backyard when we go outside. Boesch told me stories about the big world outside the fence. He said there are lots of dogs to play with and more food than I could ever imagine. No kids to pull my tail. No one to yell at me when I get under foot. It sounded pretty amazing.

One day I walked out the back door and saw the gate open. The kids were laughing and screaming in the big bathtub. I looked to the left where Grandpa was watching the kids. I looked to the right where Grandma Caroline was inside with Tino. I scooted out the gate and ran down the driveway as fast as my little four legs could take me.

I ran and screamed, "I'm free! I'm free!" My only regret was that Boesch had been inside the house so he couldn't go on my adventure. I thought I would be able to tell him all about it that night. Boy, was I wrong about that.

I walked down the street with my head held high. I was so proud of myself. I was all grown up and on my own. It was a great feeling. Everything looked so big and green. I stopped to sniff a tree; another dog smell was there. Before I could explore I heard a loud bark and something crashing through the shrubs. 

I ran faster than ever. I could hear the human at the end of the leash yelling, "Bruiser, stop! Stop right now!"

I looked behind and saw the big black dog with pointy ears get pulled to a stop by the human. I stuck my little pink tongue out at that mean dog and turned to walk away. Just then Bruiser took a lunge at me and I ran through the field until I couldn't hear the human yelling at him anymore.

I sure was hungry. I saw a bag at the end of a driveway that smelled like it might be dinner. It smelled bad when I ripped it open but I ate that spaghetti. Then a human came out of the house to yell at me and I ran down the road.

I ran through a few yards and decided it was time to go home. I looked up the road and then down the road. Which way? I thought I heard Ayva and Grandma Caroline call me but it was too dark to see anything. I saw a house with a big porch and decided to sleep there for the night.  I had a hard time sleeping because I had so many burrs in my fur. I finally fell asleep and dreamed about Grandpa giving me a bath.  The next morning I decided to find my house. I had enough of this adventure.

I tried crossing the street three times. Each time cars almost hit me. So I decided to wait until after I found something to eat. I searched and searched I was so hungry, but I found nothing. 

Again I thought I heard Grandma Caroline but I couldn't Cross the street. I found a porch to sleep on again. I fell asleep very hungry.

I awakened very early. I didn't hear any cars so I ran down the steps and crossed the street. Nothing looked familiar.  I ran up and down the blocks when all of a sudden I heard the sound of a door slam. It sounded just like my back door. Then I heard Grandma Caroline talking to Boesch! I ran through the yard and into the gate. I was home!

The Conclusion 

Grandma Caroline called Grandpa to come out to get Avila who was filthy and filled with burrs. He took her inside to give her a warm shower. When she was squeaky clean he gave her a little food to eat. 

Grandma Caroline went in to wake up Ayva. She asked, "Guess who came home?" Ayva groaned and pulled the covers up. Grandma Caroline asked, "Who have we been looking for?"

Ayva jumped out of bed and ran to hug Avila.  It was a happy day in the Martinez home.

Everyone lived happily ever after.  The End.

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