Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fr. Steve's First Eucharist homily

This was one of the best I've heard. Fr. Steve always has a red backpack with something he will use in his homily. Today he had two large heavy gymn bags. He pulled the heavy bags down the steps and in the first was an electrical cord and a leaf blower.

He asked for a volunteer from the kids making their First Eucharist. Matthew volunteered, but when he saw the leaf blower he looked puzzled. Then Friday. Steve pulled out the huge deflated plastic bubble from the other bag.

He blew it up with the leaf blower. At this point even the wiggly youngest kids in the church were paying attention and pointing at the bubble.

Fr. Steve stopped and told Matthew to get in. Then he zipped it back up and finished blowing it up.

Matthew then walked in the huge plastic bubble and Friday. Steve told the kids that now they had made their Confirmation and First Eucharist they were protected by a big invisible bubble. He told them he could throw a ball at Matthew and it would bounce right off. Same with sin and temptation that could bounce right off because the Holy Spirit was protecting them.

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