Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I think we are home

I know I keep thinking that I will feel like we are home, but it has been up and down.  Most of the time I feel as if we are on vacation.  This morning though, I was surprised when I thought of it at all.  It has been a few days that I didn't think of whether it felt like home or not.  So, I think I am on track to knowing it for sure.

I am really excited about a new project.  We are going to try to put up a few items my Dad made out of crates for us when we were little.  There is a little kitchen cupboard and the Kool-aid stand.  I want to use them in the bathrooms for towels and toilet paper.  They are a little rough looking - but I think it gives them character.

I will post a picture when we get done.

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