Friday, April 22, 2016

Feeling Old

Prince died yesterday - I know of him - but never was a fan.  When Purple Rain was recorded, in 1984, I was already 33 years old.  I was working at Blessed Sacrament.  That was the year the nuclear power plant in Midland halted construction and Pat was layed off.  The next two years were financially heartbreaking.

It was not a time to listen to the radio - I frantically began my word processing business and working part time at Blessed Sacrament.  I also had an office in my home for Michigan Council of Cooperative Nursery Schools and Michigan Forest Association.  Pat started working part time at Blessed Sacrament hoping construction jobs would become available.  We both agreed he should not travel to work.  Family was most important.

I was working on a textbook for Clark Most.  An Organic Chemistry book for college students.  It took two years of very difficult word processing.  He used Screenwriter which I was proficient in - but it was not condusive to making a pattern of an element equation.

Imagine - every time I needed to type one of those numbers I had to type:

CH control h 2 control y - CH control h 2 control y

But most of the time - it was not in a straight line!

Imagine this:

Dr. Most would come over with corrections on his draft saying, if you could just move this part down an inch........

So, I feel bad that I didn't follow Prince, but I was really busy. Here are his top 40 songs - Even I know many of them.

But did you know how many songs that man wrote for others?

So even if I didn't know Prince - we all knew so many of his songs.  There are many people that feel like I did when John Lennon was killed.  And how many people felt when Elvis died.  These artists find a way into your soul and it is difficult to let them go.

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