Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Looking for a good day

Yesterday was worse than Monday. Seriously, this is our last move. Again our Friday closing was close to postponing.

We did have a good thing happen though. We have been with Arbury Insurance in Midland since we were married in 1972. First for rental and then for home owners.

A family friend of our sister-in-law,  Paula, was working there. Vi Schmeck was such a nice woman. I remember calling her as Pat and his Dad were cutting down a tree in our driveway when we lived on East Ashman.  I asked, "If the tree falls on my neighbors house (Yes Kay, your house!) is that covered?" She laughed and asked who was cutting the tree down. I told her and she answered, "Yes, we would cover that, but if it's Paul and Pat, don't worry then."

She was right, they knew what they were doing. She died several years ago, but I always think of her when it's time to renew our insurance.

So a few weeks ago, Kate from Arbury called. She said it looked as if our insurance cost had risen a lot and did we want her to research changing companies. I told her yes and that we would need to add the condo at closing. Yesterday we stopped to talk with her. It looks as if the new company has quoted the same amount as the old company. However it includes the condo! Good deal. Thank you Kate.

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