Friday, November 27, 2015


Off to buy appliances for the condo as soon as Pat is out of the shower.....  Even though we haven't closed we cannot miss this opportunity for the sales today.  So say a prayer that the owners do not change their minds!!!

Going stainless for the first time ever.  When I saw this picture I really liked the charcoal grey with the stainless stove. We are painting the whole condo white - such a difference from absolutely no white in the duplex.  I will paint the cupboards later in the spring when I can paint outside.

The ad says that the Maytag store will pay the sales tax, but nothing mentions delivery.  We also cannot have delivery until after the 11th.  I don't see a gas stove in the add, only electric.... that would be a deal breaker!

So, as usual, St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost and Found, help me while I look around to find just what we need for the condo at the best price possible.  Thank you.

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