Friday, October 2, 2015

Shiawassee Auto Tour

It was a beautiful ride through on the last day of the season.  So glad we remembered to go.  All of these pictures were taken during the ride.  It was brilliantly sunny, then cloudy, then the sun would come back out again.  We rolled down the windows and put the heat on.  It was a beautiful fall morning.

Sandhill Cranes had just taken off with a flock of geese then they realized they were following geese and turned around to come back!

A few years ago Robbie yelled, "STOP" as we were driving through the Shiawassee.  He had seen an owl.  So we stopped where he had seen that owl and there were a couple hooting back and forth to each other.  We only saw the one, but they answered me when I hooted!

There were lots of egrets, but only one Great Blue Heron, I tried to get a picture but he was fast.

The eagle's nest that causes us to not be able to go through the Shiawassee until after the baby birds have flown away.

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