Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Mom's Friends

All through my Mom's life she made friends.  When working at St. Mary Cathedral the teachers all came to her office for advice and relief from the tensions of teaching.  Over the years, towards the end of the school, she became very close with a few of the women who would work with her until the school closed.  They were much younger than my Mom, but friendship knows no age.

Barb Geary was the last Principal of the grade school.
Suzanne Robinson was a social worker
Velma Breidinger ran the learning center
Bette Jo taught fourth grade

There were many, many Friday nights at the Shea home.  Over the years, they became very good friends.

I am writing the book, New Beginnings, and I have a chance to have the grade school be a part of the book.  In all the other books the high school has been featured.  Now, I wanted my Mom to be a part of a book and I wanted to honor these women for being such pillars of the school and such good friends to my Mom.

I wrote to them asking if I could include them in the book.  The notes I received with their permission made me cry.  I am so thankful they are still a part of my life.

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