Sunday, August 23, 2015

Breakfast at the Campfire

I will post pictures after we get to Tawas.  Pat and I are going to make breakfast for the campers.  Caroline and Danielle and their families are all there waiting for breakfast.  Well, they probably are not up yet - it is only 6 am.

But I have been cooking since 5.  We are having baked pancakes - in a cake pan.  Aunt Janie eggs - scrambled with cream cheese and dill.  Hashbrowns, bacon and fruit.

I baked the pancake cake.
I cooked the bacon almost done
I cooked the hashbrowns almost done
I stirred up all the ingrdients for the eggs
I bought the fruit all cooked.

So - start a fire - warm up everything - cook the eggs - done!

It went very well. Except... We forgot to take pictures of the breakfast.  Here are some of the fun we had.

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