Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pantry Moths - yuk

We just spent the morning at our tenants - we started seeing pantry moths in our bathroom and some in the living room. None in the kitchen. To be on the safe side we threw out any food in boxes. Anything like noodles, rice, couscous.

Today is trash day so I called Marge and asked if she had moths. She said yes she had some on her ceiling. Pat and I went over. Oh Yuk - hundreds. Not exaggerating. I had to tell her we needed to throw everything out. She kept wanting to keep stuff. Nope. Not happening. We emptied her cupboards. Washed dishes.Washed the cupboards with vinegar.

Then I told her she needed a cleaning lady.  I called Stephanie and left her a message.  She may say no to this but I have to try.

As I washed dishes, Marge dried. I brought up about her obituary - not written. Then about her funeral - not planned. Then about the cemetery - that one is covered. Her niece us coming at the end of the month and I told her she needed to talk to her about this stuff.

Goodness I am exhausted.

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