Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Favorite Christmas Gift

Pat and I made these pictures for Caroline and Joanna for Christmas. The first one is a picture from this past summer with Javier,  Robbie holding Romeo, Sheala holding Tino and Ayva behind her. We were at the Kochville park looking over the pond.

The picture of Robbie and Sheala was taken years ago at Chippewa Nature Center. Before Robbie left for the Air Force he wanted to recreate that shot. We spent a delightful afternoon looking for the same spot.

I got the idea of the frames on Pinterest and found five cupboard doors at an estate sale for $1 each. Then I resized the photos to 14 x 27. We took the .jpeg to Office Max and waited while they printed them. The pictures were from my Sony camera so good quality. Each picture was $25.

Pat took the hinges off. I cleaned them - they had been sitting in a barn for years and they were quite dirty. We measured and cut the pictures and a cardboard backing. Taped them to the back and added a wire to hang them from.

Caroline loved hers. Joanna cried.  It was a good Christmas.

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