Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Writing All Morning

I am working on my book today.  Thank goodness.  It has been very difficult to even think about writing at the moment.  I love Pinterest.  This morning I was up around 3:00 and searched for "Writing Inspiration" and when I saw this, I just laughed.

So after a short nap and then coffee with Paco, I started writing.  It felt good to spend three hours at the computer.

I decided it was time to give Noah a day out in Okinawa.  Thankfully, Caroline made a Pinterest board for places Robbie might want to go to while in Okinawa.  So I chose one and put it in the story.

Then I had to to look up yen conversions and read up on sea glass.  Looking at the Google maps, it looks as if Okinawa is actually closer to China than to Japan.  It has been an interesting morning.

Now, time to take a shower and get ready to get my haircut.

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