Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner

Oh yum! Everything turned out delicious. The only glitch was the turkey was done an hour earlier than anticipated. It was the most beautiful turkey I ever made. Juicy and yummy.

After the saltwater brine I patted it dry. Filled the cavity with lemon pieces and fresh rosemary. Put sprigs of rosemary under the skin

Sprinkled sage and Italian seasoning on the bird. Melted butter and added wine then soaked a cheesecloth in it. Put the cheesecloth over the bird. Oven set at 350.

Every 20 minutes removed the cheesecloth and soaked it again. Put it back on the bird.

The pies were yum.  Although the apple was too sweet. I changed the crumb recipe to try again. The potatoes and dressing so easy with the prep yesterday.

We had an enjoyable day.

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