Thursday, October 2, 2014

U.P. Color Tour

What beautiful color! For the last several years the fall colors have been so dark. This year the vibrant pops of color intermingled with the green pines have been a joy to see.

We stopped overnight at Mr. Lepeak's in Grand Marais. Even with the rain we love the drive. The tree trunks are jet black and they set off the oranges, reds and yellows.

We brought dinner with us and sat at the kitchen table drinking his famous raspberry wine. It was delicious. We heard all about his family and Grand Marais. He just had his 89th birthday and was proud to say he had just been certified again for the coast guard auxiliary. 

He took us to breakfast at the new bakery/restaurant in town. It is a beautiful place with pine siding, fireplaces, unique tables and delicious food. He pointed to the wall and told us he gave them an antique set of snowshoes he had laying around the shed.

A very nice visit.

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