Friday, July 11, 2014

A Letter!

Pat and I received a letter from Robbie.  He is doing well - says he is getting used to his new family.  We can't wait to meet them.  We are getting excited about our trip to Texas.  I am friends with a group on Facebook that Joanna told me about.  They are the Air Force Wing Moms.  A group of people at Lackland AFB that post about the trainees.

I love it because they tell all about what we will be doing at the graduation.  What to do - what not to do - like NO TAKING PICTURES OF TRAINEES if you see them in training. But they can post pictures and here is one Joanna found of Robbie! He is right between the two guys in the front.

When Ayva saw this picture she was shocked that Robbie is bald.  Then Joanna told Caroline to tell her to look at all the other guys.  She said, "They are all bald!!!!"  She hadn't noticed.

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Mary Andrews said...

I picked him out right away. I remember when Tony came home for Christmas during basic. I couldn't pick him out at the airport with all the bald headed guys. He had to come to me.