Thursday, July 31, 2014

First Time

This is the first time that Romeo played with the jewels. He kept going to the treasure box and bringing me coins and jewels. Then he stuffed them into the teapot. He had a fun time at Nana's.

We played while Grandma Caroline gave me a pedi. Thank you Moon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Poor Family Dollar

I just read that Dollar Tree bought out Family Dollar.

Now I feel just a bit responsible!

When I was selling my plates and knives the best sellers were the Family Dollar plates. I couldn't keep them in stock. I would have beautiful antique cut glass plates that never had a chance to sell if the customer saw one of the snowman plates.

Pat and I would travel all over Michigan and buy boxes of them. We would start in September. I went through boxes and boxes and boxes of them.

Last year I didn't buy any. We imagined stores being sent extra cases to keep up with the previous year's demand.

Sorry Family Dollar!


Uncle Pat, Aunt Cindy and I went to Grand Rapids to celebrate Margot's Baptism and 1st birthday. We had such a nice time. David and Sarah and Jane and Chris were there (Missed you Theresa and Mare Mare.) and Theresa did Skype in. 

What a nice party after at a friend of the family bowling alley. It had six lanes - just right for a party.

Margot being Baptized

Nana and Aunt Cindy and AuntME loving Margot at her party.



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hey Fran!

The curtain turned out cute!

(Look how it compliments those green wine glasses!)

Pine Street is indeed paved!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Caroline called and asked if we wanted to go to the Shiawassee Auto Tour with Sheala and Ayva and her.  Of course we said yes!

I like this picture with the deer looking at the egret.

 A tree full of egrets

A Night Heron

Ayva snagged Papa's hat and took some chips to feed the fish

We had a great time - I told Caroline that Robbie had seen an owl in a grove of trees and sure enough - she did too - it took off when we drove up.  So we felt like Robbie was right there with us.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Loons Game!

Jesse and Caroline treated us to a Loon's game.  The weather was perfect, the kids had so much fun and the Loon's won - couldn't ask for a better night.  Sheala went with us and she is so sweet with the kids.  She took them to the playground.  She fed them cotton candy, slushies and nacho chips.  We loved every minute of the game. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Didn't Go to the Art Show

So Pat and I get ready to go to Jim and Jan's to play bocci.  On the way I wanted to stop at the Castle Museum to see Mary Lynn's quilt art.  There was an artist reception at 5:00.  On the way there I looked at the poster on here and realized it was at the Saginaw Art Museum.  Mmmmm...  I told Pat to drive over there and I would decide.

We pulled in the parking lot and saw a woman with a little black dress on - my shorts and his jeans were just not going to cut it.  So we missed the reception.

But....... Pat and I won our first game of bocci. We have been playing for awhile now and I wasn't doing too well.  I asked Joe, my trainer at the Y, for another exercise to strengthen my arms.  It must be working!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Camping Trip from You Know Where

Let me start out by saying - Pat put his back out before we left Saginaw.

Sweating like a pig is not on my agenda for camping.  But, I did just that setting up tents and the campsite.  I know Pat usually does all of that and I do appreciate it - I hate to sweat!

Friday night - great - easy dinner - we just roasted some hot dogs on the fire.  Then tried a new s'mores idea from Pinterest.  Fudge striped cookies with a roasted marshmallow smushed in the middle - Ayva and Javier loved them and the mess was a lot less.  Another Pinterest idea - roasted marshmallow dipped in Bailey's!!!!  Only had one but it was SOOOO good!

Jesse came up on Saturday after breakfast.  You know Jesse hates camping.  He says that is how some people have to live in Mexico, why would we want to do that for 'fun'?

We had sub sandwiches for lunch and they all went to play putt putt golf.  Well, then after about an hour the thunder started.  It rained on and off for the whole afternoon.  But I got to make Caroline's birthday dinner on the grill.  Potatoes, carrots and onions which took about 45 minutes and then steaks took about 8 minutes (except Jesse's which took about 10).

Then the rain began again.  Not too bad we were in the gazebo tent.  The kids drew pictures for Robbie.  They played with the little pieces of wood.  I overheard Ayva say, "Come on dead guy, go!"  Zombies of course.

Pat and I went to the store to get ice cream to have with Caroline's cake.  When we got a little bit down the road there was a DOWNPOUR.  I ran into the store - ran back out and then we ate the cake in the trailer.  Now the trailer is small - six people was definitely crowded.

The rain started coming down harder.  I have never seen rain that hard, ever.  I looked over at the tent the Martinez family was supposed to sleep in and saw the cot through the side of the tent.  That meant only one thing - the rain was soaking through the tent.

Sure enough - Caroline went to check and everything was wet.  She and Jesse emptied the tent and then knowing I would have to take the tent down by myself the next day, were nice enough to take it down in the pouring rain.

They left and the rain let up a bit - I'm just saying - campgrounds do not like Jesse.

But in the middle of the night it rained so hard the water was dripping down into the furnace in the trailer - that has never happened.  In the morning the sun came out. When we went outside I noticed that the trailer was cleaner than it has ever been.  It was a hard rain.

Yesterday we cleaned everything.  I read another tip on Pinterest to use vinegar and hot, hot water to get rid of mildew smell.  It worked.  The van was stinky from the water from the tent.  It smelled like a swamp.  But the vinegar water really took care of the smell.

I'm done camping for a bit.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quilt Show

My cousin Mary Lynn will have some of her Chihuly inspired quilt art at this show. I can't wait to see it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Letter!

Pat and I received a letter from Robbie.  He is doing well - says he is getting used to his new family.  We can't wait to meet them.  We are getting excited about our trip to Texas.  I am friends with a group on Facebook that Joanna told me about.  They are the Air Force Wing Moms.  A group of people at Lackland AFB that post about the trainees.

I love it because they tell all about what we will be doing at the graduation.  What to do - what not to do - like NO TAKING PICTURES OF TRAINEES if you see them in training. But they can post pictures and here is one Joanna found of Robbie! He is right between the two guys in the front.

When Ayva saw this picture she was shocked that Robbie is bald.  Then Joanna told Caroline to tell her to look at all the other guys.  She said, "They are all bald!!!!"  She hadn't noticed.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Retro Play - Rewind

What fun we are having with Ayva and Javie.

Ayva is playing with my fashion doll and the beautiful classic clothes my Mom made. The only thing was that Ayva didn't know what nylons were.

Then Papa brought down the Barbie dolls that were Sheala and Joanna's dolls. They have clothes that were my Barbie's clothes. So far we only found my Barbie's head!

Javier is playing with the box of transformer type toys that I bought at a rummage sale for Robbie about ten years ago. This all started when Javier found one of the toys in the Astro van in the cup holder last weekend! We told him we had a box in the basement.

When Ayva wanted the Barbie dolls I told her I didn't know where they were. Papa knew. Javie said I was lucky to marry Papa. What a smart boy.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Shower/Wedding Gift

Have to admit this turned out pretty cute!
We went to a shower for Pat's niece.
She loved the monogrammed towel sets.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Goodbye Fr. Jack!

We are going to miss him - lots. This is the short talk I gave at church.

I've known Fr. Jack for many years. 

When we were looking to change parishes, of course we came to his parish. 

He has a gift of making everyone around him laugh. 

  • ·         If you are at a potluck - his table is the one that is laughing the loudest.
  • ·         If you are at a meeting and the bishop is talking - look for the person that is turning purple trying to keep from laughing out loud from the joke she just heard.  She is sitting next to him.
  • ·         If you are on the golf course - look for the foursome having more fun than any other team and is probably in the lead. 
  • ·         If you are hunting - wear orange.

The best way to tell him how we feel is to read what we wrote in his card.

If I remember correctly one of his favorite verses in the bible is from John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

Every Gospel you shared brought God to us
Every word you read was God
You prayed and opened your heart to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit
Then you taught us what God wanted us to know.

Over and over, year after year
God has touched our hearts and filled our souls through the words you shared.

Thanking you, for changing us and making us better just doesn't seem to be enough.

We want you to know that you are cherished by many
We will hold you in our hearts right next to the words you shared with us.

Enjoy your retirement