Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lunch on the Au Sable

We went up north because the day was so beautiful. We bought subs and ate them on the Au Sable River.

We went to Lumberman's, but there were lots of workers getting the grounds ready for visitors. So we went to the canoe memorial and ate our apples.

We tried to stop to see one of our friends but she wasn't home.

Then on our way home to take the Martinez family to the Castle Museum Jesse called to say an electrical line was down in their driveway and they had no power.

I noticed the brick display we want to see at the museum doesn't open until next Wednesday so we decided to get pizza and take it over with our generator. Just as we got there the power came back on.

Romeo has really started having fun. Valentino sat in the jumpy chair for the first time. Ayva read her books to Papa. Javier was a human trampoline for Romeo.

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