Saturday, February 15, 2014


I haven't been on here in so long!  But the day before yesterday was worthy of blogging.

Everything I touched turned to poop!  The tissue paper and tablecloths did not work (see below).  I went to make muffins and the plug came out of the wall for the mixer. (Easy fix you would think, but I can't reach it!  Had to wait for Pat to get back!)  Took out the 40 year old quilt to continue working on it - folded it right back up and put it away because I don't have the thread, I have to iron more pieces to work on, and there is so much to do I need Robbie to tell me that I will finish it!!!)  I hurt my foot at the Y exercising - ggggrrrr..

So for a project at church I bought tissue paper - should have been cellophane!

Went back to buy it, but couldn't find purple cellophane and of course not available on Amazon Prime for free shipping unless I buy something for $25 and buy the cellophane as an add in.  Since I don't want to buy anything else I thought I would go to the dollar store and buy purple tablecloths.

That didn't work!

So yesterday things began to turn around.....

Went to Michaels, Walmart, and Dollar Stores to look for cellophane to no avail.  Then decided to go to Target.  When we drove in the parking lot I saw Party City!!!!!  I didn't even know it was there.

Oh My Gosh - what fun!  It is the go to place for any occasion.  Truthfully - if you need to decorate for a party they will have all the accessories for any theme party.

And cellophane!!!  Any color!!!  

So I bought the purple and saw there is gold for Easter.  YEAH!

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