Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gentle Encouragement

So i think I told you that I say my prayers every morning at the YMCA. On the leg press I say prayers for people I pray for each morning.   On the elliptical I say my rosary. I started that because I was having a hard time getting my time in while constantly watching the clock.

I work out on the different machines then the elliptical then most of the rest of the machines, back to the elliptical and then the last machine.   I hate the elliptical! I say the first two decades and a half or three then go back to the machines.

Yesterday I just wanted to quit after one decade. I opened my eyes with every intention of stepping off! When I looked up the magazine rack smack in front of me had Pope Francis smiling at me from the Time Magazine Man of the Year cover.

I just laughed and finished the next two decades. Such a small thing to change my attitude! I love that man!

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Jane said...

Haha! I love it.