Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Phone Help

We went to help Pat's parents yesterday. Their car had a dead battery. Mom mentioned they didn't have a TV that worked! Yesterday was the deadline for getting the box to go digital.

So after Pat and Dad bought a new battery and put it in they went to Charter to get a box.

Pat hooked it up and I called to activate it. Now Dad told me there was a line out the door when they picked up the box. So when he thought I was on hold too long I explained all those people in line ahead of him at the store were now in line ahead of us on the phone.

Then Bob answered the phone. Well I had to say I was calling for Paul Clifford. He hesitated. I looked at the receipt and explained it had an account with Dan Clifford as the name. Then he asked, "Who are you?" I said Mary Ellen Clifford.

After trying a few things we got the box working. Then he was about to hang up and said we should set up the remote. That took a few more tries.

I thanked him for his help and he said "No problem, goodbye Clifford!"

He gets a pass on that one I did say Clifford several times. He was pleasant, helpful and patient. And Pat's parents have a TV that works.

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