Saturday, November 16, 2013

Grandma Shea is Smiling!


I love this photo. Grandma Shea's 75th birthday with all her grandchildren.

Look at the top, there is Michael. He was at the top there and he is at the top today. The road was long and filled with sharp dangerous curves and detours.

But he made it! Dr. Charles Michael Shea!

He sent me a reply to my congratulations and told me he was exhausted. The last week of preparation for defending his doctorate took a lot out of him.

Good! He should be exhausted! It was a huge undertaking. We should be exhausted and overworked and ready to have our eyes fill with tears of gratitude when accomplishing something great.

Otherwise it is just getting something finished.

This endeavor was much more than that. It has been a dedicated, concerted effort to be the best he can be. He set his goals high and achieved them.

We are very proud of him.

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Anonymous said...

50 years later, after the assassination of JFK, I still think of Grandma Shea. She was the one that brought us the news in Dalton Hall. I see her walking into Mr. McCarty's classroom, interrupting class with a transistor radio, bring us the terrible news the President has been shot. CL